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At OptaSensor we have acquired throughout the years a vast experience with design and manufacture of electronic system for medical applications and protypes.
When related to endoscopy as a medical procedure, system design comes with specific challenges due to the unique requirements and constraints associated.

Endoscopic devices must be small enough to navigate through the body’s natural passages while accommodating electronic components. Achieving miniaturization without compromising the functionality and performance of the system, including the imaging capabilities, remains a significant challenge.


Maintaining high-quality imaging is crucial for accurate diagnostics and surgical interventions. Designing electronic endoscopic systems that provide clear and detailed images in the confined space of the endoscope presents challenges related to sensor and lens integration, image processing and data transmission of high-quality video in real-time. Adequate illumination is as well essential for visualization during endoscopic procedures. Designing effective lighting solutions that provide uniform illumination across the field of view without generating excessive heat is always a requirement.

Electronic endoscopic systems involve the incorporation of wires and cables for power, data transmission, and control from camera on tip to main controller board. Managing and reducing these wires within the narrow confines of the endoscope without impeding its flexibility or reducing functionality is often a challenge.

At OptaSensor we collaborate with the main cable suppliers to access technologies and include features that provide the best ratio of flexibility, functionality and price.
When operation on battery power is required due to portability and flexibility, we design power-efficient systems to ensure an extended battery life while maintaining consistent performance.

Meeting the regulatory requirements for medical devices, including safety standards and certifications, adds an additional layer of complexity. Designing electronic endoscopic systems that adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines is vital for market approval and ensuring patient safety.

Last but not least, endoscopic systems require a very careful balance between cost of the camera part and cost of the control system, especially in single use systems. Also, certain design considerations must be taken so that the endoscope assembly can be optimized: the use of dedicated or expensive electronic components, as well as lifetime availability are always points of consideration when selecting the component list.

At OptaSensor we can support your system design and manufacture needs from the conceptual phase, including initial modelling and prototypes and until the product is launched on the market.

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